COP 24- Segment de haut niveau sur les changements climatiques : les exigences du ministre de l’environnement Mame Thierno Dieng

 The Senegalese Minister of the Environment, Prof. Mame Thierno Dieng, delivered this afternoon in Katowice, where the climate conference (COP), Senegal's official message during the high-level segment on climate change, is being held. An opportunity for the latter to reaffirm the positions of Senegal two days from the end of this important gathering.
After recalling Senegal's commitment to achieving the objectives of the Paris Agreement, as a very vulnerable country, it nevertheless recalled support for the need to raise the ambition to reduce emissions, in order to limit the temperature at + 1.5 ° C. A path according to the minister that requires sustained and growing leadership from developed countries.
"After the Paris Agreement, we must convert our commitments into concrete national actions and responsible climate citizen behaviors. So efforts to move towards low-carbon and climate-resilient development must be quantified, monitored and recorded, "Prof. Dieng said.
 The minister then revealed to the audience the losses and damages related to the effects of climate change on the Senegalese coast and the efforts made by the government, in the last two years, with bilateral and multilateral support, to take charge the impacts of coastal erosion and relieve heavily exposed populations for an amount of more than 26 billion FCFA. For the minister, other vital sectors such as agriculture and livestock are experiencing climatic shocks with heavy losses in local economies.
"The state is forced to adjust its budget regularly to respond to the consequences of these increasingly recurring but unpredictable events. This is not sustainable, "he will let you know.
The minister will make it known that Senegal has the ambition to become a major player in renewable energy, which by 2030 will be an important part of our "energy mix". And that, on the other hand, the recent discoveries of oil and gas on the Senegalese coast will contribute to achieving energy independence with a choice focused on the best technologies for low-carbon energy production. Efforts, which must be supported and multiplied, with the mobilization of current and future funding as a major challenge said Mame Thierno Dieng.
He therefore insisted on financing in the implementation of the Paris Agreement through the nationally determined contribution (CDN) "predictable, accessible to all, for the needs of adaptations as mitigation" .
The Minister later noted that these efforts should also be measured, tracked and communicated internationally through the NDC's national registry, so he asked that a supreme UN body regularly the implementation of the Paris Agreement
The Green Climate Fund, established since 2009 in Copenhagen, must also reach its level of commitment, ie 100 billion US dollars per year from 2020 in view of the efforts to be made, he also wished. "Other funding is needed, including private financing, carbon market mechanisms with contribution to the adaptation fund, but also taxes on international transport," he concluded.
Jeudi 13 Décembre 2018

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