Casamance: les attaques se poursuivent.

Casamance: les attaques se poursuivent.
DAKARACTU.COM - Hier, le village de Bambadala (communauté rurale de Niagha) a été le théâtre de plusieurs attaques à main armée. Défiant l'armée présente dans le secteur, une bande de trente individus ont investi la route nationale numéro 6 à hauteur du village de Bambadala et ont stoppé un bus reliant Tanaff à Dakar. Les 70 passagers ont été dépouillés de leurs biens (des espèces estimées à plus de 10 millions de francs cfa, des téléphones portables et des vêtements). Les bandits armés jusqu'aux dents ont ensuite pillé une boutique appartenant à un certain Woury Diallo avant d'emporter un important butin et de s'éclipser dans la nature en direction de la Guinée-Bissau. Des échanges de tir ont cependant eu lieu bloquant le trafic routier plus d' une demie-journée, les véhicules de Kolda en partance pour Ziguinchor devant rebrousser chemin. On imagine le désarroi total des populations locales...
Vendredi 25 Novembre 2011

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Breaking News: Gambia: Jammeh Plans To Kill Gambians Today!
Jammeh at it Again in Casamance
By Staff Reporter B Colley, Banjul
The President of The Gambia, Yahya Jammeh, has continued to perpetrate acts of crime against humanity by giving his undivided support to the Salifou Sarjo- led MFDC separatist movement in Casamance who recently killed ten civilians, freedom newspaper can report.

According to an MFDC insider, who has been privy to Jammeh’s many engagements with the separatist movement, disclosed that they were given new weapons by the President last year to intensify their fight for independence
“The president has sworn by a very vindictive Jola fetish (Jalang) to
continue supporting MFDC because we are all Jolas. President Jammeh has armed us very well to fight with the more sophisticated weapons he has given us so that we can force the Senegalese government to the negotiation table for independence,” he continued.
The MFDC rebel maintained that thousands of young recruits from Jola villages in the breadth and length of Casamance have been trained in insurrectionist warfare by Gambian soldiers at Kanilai.
Their training, he trundled on, was also designed to prepare them to
spring to the rescue of the self-confessed murderer and dictator
Jammeh in the event of a military overthrow. He maintained that they were also coerced to swear by a Jola fetish to declare allegiance to Jammeh even under the pain of death.
“The relationship between us and the Gambia government is for
protection and furtherance of mutual interests .We were told during
the training by Solo Bojang that President Jammeh believed Abdoulie
Wade has been supporting Gambian dissidents to overthrow so he would also support us,”he declared.
In yet another telling revelation, the MFDC insider unravelled that
Jammeh has concluded a pact with the Guinea Bissau and Burkinabe
presidents to provide them sanctuaries and training camps during the
new phase of their insurrection.
Concluding, the source asserted that they have been instructed to
cross into The Gambia in time for the presidential election so that
they can take up arms to perpetuate the glaring Jola hegemony in the
event of a dispute over the results

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Il est evident que les tracasseries sont operer par des bandits venus de la sous region. Une situation de ni guerre ni paix reste toujours la proie des bandits armes.
Par contre les attaques contre les militaires sont ceux du MFDC.

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