SMS Djamil: the 4th President of Senegal

SMS Djamil: the 4th President of Senegal
In case you should forget it, Senegal national team is participating in the 28th edition of the Africa Cup of Nations which is presently co-hosted by Gabon and Equatorial Guinea. The CAN is a sporting and cultural event which is prompt to be hotly disputed, unceasingly challenging and tremendously passionate. Inside Senegal and likewise in the rest of the continent, the CAN is reputed, day in day out, to catch the attention and keep tongues wagging during all the period of the competition. After nearly a month of spectacle, art, fair-play, joy and brotherhood, only one continent will be triumphant. This be it Senegal is our most sanguine expectations.

In that even country, the countdown of another historical event of a paramount importance has been launched down. Months of several controversial debates, weeks of touring and canvassing, hours of fatigue and patience and finally a moment of historical deliberation is the high stakes of these presidential elections of the 26th of February. Like a magnet, these elections capture and divert the attention and preoccupation of the most enthusiasts of the soccer to the extent to totally cloud this ongoing intercontinental competition. The motives of the people’s decreasing enthusiasm to the CAN and their gradual keen interest in the presidential contest are a telltale sign of a watershed in the history of Senegal.

The hotly impugned and inconceivable candidacy of Abdoulaye Wade for a third term and the emergency of new types of leaders and are two basic elements that keep warming up conflicting debates. For the first problematic, it needs to say that the enemies of Wade are his untiring and faithful companions of the weight of age, the tenuousness of health and the lapse of memory. It continues to be his perpetual concurrent for stating unconstitutional his candidacy. Therefore, any attempt to repair the damage is like flogging the dead horse. For the second, it merely demands to acknowledge diversity as God’s steady Will to dismiss you what He provides to others. The bad lack not to be endowed with the qualities of Leadership, Moral and Ethical does not mean their inexistence into other leaders.
The ever first presidential tenure to be engraved into the books of history might be the accession of the female leader Miss Ellen Johnson Sirleaf as the 24th and current President of Liberia. Barrack Obama’s unexpected ascension to the Chief Command of the superpower of the USA (44th president) despite his status of a Black leader was not an encumbrance to the second milestone. The coming into office of Serigne El Hadji Mansour Sy Djamil in the evening of February the 26th as the 4th president of the Republic of Senegal will be the third political breakthrough. History shall not miss the appointment. It is the most plausible and impending victory on account for uncountable reasons. The ripe fruit will fall down from its bearing mother without the least need of a wind to shake it.

From the casual, biased and inconsequential observation, Serigne Mansour Djamil is labeled to being merely and simply a religious leader. This inherent religious dimension of Sora Djamil is just the tip of the iceberg, or at least, what they develop one track mind to seeing and accepting. Beyond his intrinsic quality of religious leader, Serign Bi distinguishes himself from the rest of the candidates by combining intellectual blossoming and political fervor and militancy which have shaped and cemented his personality. It is like the back and front of the same sheet of paper. His insatiable quest for ETHIC, outstanding moral PROBITY and stupendous sense of LEADERSHIP, propel him in the front line of jealous and discriminatory attacks. He will not back pace.

A popular misconception strikes vainly to make SMS Djamil unknown to the Senegalese populace. His shadow spreads all over the country reaching the most remote and enclosed places and the DIASPORA inclusive. Contrary to the impromptu candidacies, that of Mansour is a long, well sort out and planed process. He inherited from his late father Seydi Mouhamadou Moustapha Sy Djamil (RTA) a POPULAR MASS disseminated all over the world and predominantly in Senegal and to top to all, he was assigned the spiritual mission to take in charge the YOUTH. Thus, it is crystal clear that whoever confides his secrets to you bestows his HOPE on you, en passant, whoever gives you the custody of the youth, entrusts you a COUNTRY.

The reason why Mr. Sy is in the hearts and the minds

The popular and ongoing ascension of SMS Djamil in the political landscape sows in the opposition parties a gradual malaise, as for the party to power, it incites an incipient fear. For the first group, they cannot stomach the attachment of the people and the youth to Djamil making him in so doing the candidate of the people. As for the second, they are threatened by his popular “inking” and his unfailing commitment to go up to home stretch triumphantly. The result is the notice of the formation of helter-skelter and desperate alliances and the underneath conspiracies to tarnish to no avail his reputation.

The premature abandonment of some candidates witnesses their political masquerade, their utmost incompetence and desperate illusion. The obstinacy of the others (the government) to forcibly and at all cost impose illegally Wade’s candidacy evidences the limit of their capacity, endangers social stability and compromises our so praised democracy. Do not go to the extra mile.

All in all, slowly but surely, Serigne Mansour Sy Djamil is making his way to the presidency. The people are behind him and he puts them before him knowing that there is nothing that can hold at bay the will of the mass popular except the Will of God. As mentioned above, here is the 4th president of Senegal, the brand of novelty, rupture, change and rebuilding: “He can ask whatever he wants he who follows the one you fellow”. A word to the wise is enough!

BESS DU NIAK! (Approximately “A Day Shall Come”).

DIOP Khassoum
Membre de Dess Djamil/ UCAD
Membre de Bess Du Niak/ UCAD
Mardi 24 Janvier 2012
Khassoum Diop

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Serigne bi so lakone francais di na si bakh deh!!!!!!!! Anglais bi nieup degouniou ko. By the way this is your opinion.

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