Gambie: Yaya Jammeh limoge son ministre de l’Intérieur

Gambie: Yaya Jammeh limoge son ministre de l’Intérieur
DAKARACTU.COM  Depuis que le président Yaya Jammeh a surpris en plein sommeil la garde rapprochée de la Première dame gambienne, des têtes continuent de tomber. En plus du général Alagi Martin, commandant de la présidence, et d’officiers de l’armée gambienne radiés, c’est un gros calibre qui vient de tomber. Yaya Jammeh a décidé de relever M. Lamin Kaba Bajo de ses fonctions de ministre de l'Intérieur avec effet immédiat. Il a été remplacé par un certain Sonko qui fut également ministre de l’Intérieur. Bayo, qui assurait les fonctions d’ambassadeur au Maroc, a, selon nos confrères du site Pana, été redéployé au service étranger.
Mardi 8 Mai 2012

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A delegation of Malian Tuareg rebels have been hosted at the Kanilai new housing Estate in The Gambia, the Freedom Newspaper can report. The rebels were invited by dictator President Yahya Jammeh, a senior Gambian security chief tells this news medium. “ We received the Tuareg rebels and they are currently hosted in Kanilai. They are here on Jammeh’s invitation. That I can tell you. I’m not sure why Jammeh is bringing them here. We were merely asked to secure the location where these people have been hosted, “said our source.
According to the security chief, Mr. Jammeh is increasingly worried about his personal safety and as such he cannot rule out the possibility of the dictator trying to hire some of the Tuareg rebels to secure him.
“ He thinks that the army will topple him. He doesn’t trust us. That’s why he is bringing the Tuareg rebels into this country. They are hosted at the new housing Estate in Kanifing. The army command is aware of their presence in Kanilai. You can ask anyone working at the GAF Headquarters and Kanilai, he or she will confirm the story,” the source added.
The same source hinted that there is no amount of foreign security backup that can prevent the army from toppling him. The source said Jammeh will soon go!
An insider hinted that Jammeh might be selling, or buying arms from the Tuareg rebels. The source said the rebels are well equipped.
“ There are different theories being associated with their presence in Kanilai. The Tuaregs could be here to train our men, or Jammeh might want to use them for his own interest. His late friend Qaddafi supplied a lot of arms to the Tuareg rebels. Jammeh is an arms merchant. He is engaged into arms trafficking. Since the rebels are making headway in Mali, he would want to align himself with the rebels. I don’t trust Jammeh one bit. He is dangerous and deadly,” said our source.
Another source said he will not be surprised at Jammeh latest move in bringing rebels from Mali into the country. The source said Jammeh has been befriending the Algerians for the longest time.
“ I remember the Algerians training our soldiers. He has ties with the Algerians,” said our source.

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