“Y’en a marre” meets the European Union and snubs Syndiely Wade

“Y’en a marre”  meets the European Union and snubs  Syndiely Wade
The 4th July Fadel Barro, Thiat, Simon and Kilifeu have been received by the European union delegation. The EU ambassador and her colleagues in Dakar seek to understand from the interior this movement which crystallizing to Senegalese young people the aspiration to change. If they respond to the European diplomat to make know their motivations and objectives, the animators of “ y’en a marre” or“ getting plenty of it” refuse since three days to answer back to the hurrying application of the daugther and special advisor of the republic president Syndiely Wade, Who is repeating calls to meet them.
According to the daily newspaper” L As” she chooses Simon (a rapper), whom she calls many times a day, as her speaker. When asked about the aim of the meeting, the president’s daughter answers that she wants to discover the movement from its leaders’ point of view. This latter’s reaction is:”Read the newspapers if you want to know about” yen a marre”. The reason of this polite refusal is “the manager of “Y’en a marre” has decided to avoid meetings and developing affinities with political leaders of any side they can be to keep its independance.  
Mercredi 6 Juillet 2011

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