Why I launch dakaractu.com (Cheikh Yérim Seck)

This Friday July 1 st, at 12:00 GMT, will be put in line, if God wants it, dakaractu.com. This Internet site last generation is conceived in accordance with the standards of the last technology HTML 5. It is equipped with audio and video modules of numerical quality and very high-definition. Its waiters can support until a load of 25.000 simultaneous connections. It is interactive: you will find a window there where to register you to receive in your electronic box all the elements published. And another heading where you will be able to send to us, confidentially, information and documents which we will recut to publish them. Dakaractu.com will be the first senegalese bilingual site of general information. All the articles which go up on front page can be read in French and English versions. This costly choice was dictated by a cruel report: the Chinese, the Indians, the Americans, the diplomats and employees of the international agencies, the Senegalese of the diaspora formed in english speakig countries… do not have today any means of reaching electronic information on Senegal. The site comes to correct this anomaly in a world dominated by English and the nations which speak it. But not only. Inspired from the Anglo-Saxon model, dakaractu.com goes, with the image of the American site huffingtonpost, which becomes leader in five years, to publish tens of elements per day, which implies recurring updates. Dakaractu.com is a frightening technological and leading challenge, an uninterrupted procession of articles and texts, images and sounds. It is not an additional site , nor even one more site. In its design and its philosophy, it does not resemble nothing of what was done up to now on the matter in Senegal. With new headings, a modern graphic charter, and regularly updated contents, dakaractu.com is a newspaper of investigation on line. It will offer to read investigations, files, portraits, editos… which I will undertake myself to write and which will be posted in the heading “yerimpost”. This window wants to be a digest of exclusive revelations, thorough analyses and other good surprises. Dakaractu.com will cover with the daily newspaper the topicality Senegalese by the means of article-house which slices with copy-sticking it, trademark of many signs of our national Web. The treatment of the topicality will be complete, pushed, balanced, neutral and objective. It is besides to guarantee impartial information that the site will function like an international platform animated by speakers installed in Senegal, in the United States, in Canada and in France. Though publication director, I will not animate and will determine only what appears in yerimpost. The platform is intrinsically unsuited to the censure. The many people all over the world who will publish there are held by only one obligation: to comply with the deontological rules governing the function of journalist. This multi-media site, which will include/understand texts, photographs, videos and sounds, will neither insult nor defame, but will not compromise with the truth. It ambitions to be the electronic space of reference for all those who are eager to get just and true information. There will be for everyone, all the tastes and all the centers of interest: legal policy, economy, culture, social life, chronicles, people, music, art, literature and general culture. Our site which wants to be an instrument of education of youth will be out of vulgar reach, pornography, immoral contents of all kinds… It will keep spelling errors and errors of grammar which abuse the language and influence pupils and students negatively. With your pianos, dear friendly Net surfers! This Friday July 1, as of midday, we will offer to you more than hundred elements to read. And that does nothing but start. It will be always as follows: you will receive texts, images, sounds and photographs with tended flows, heavy fires, and at uninterrupted rate…
Vendredi 1 Juillet 2011

1.Posté par Abdou le 01/07/2011 16:48
Si cela votre site bilingue, mieux vaut vous contenter de tout faire en Français. Une traduction google n'est jamais une bonne traduction. Une machine ne peut pas se substituer à une personne pour faire une traduction honnête qui reflète le sens de ce qui est dit. Je vous suggère donc d'embaucher un traducteur qualifié qui va éditer vos traductions google car autrement personne ne vous prendra au sérieux et ne soyez pas surpris que les gens qui viennent visiter votre site en anglais pour la première fois n'y reviennent pas.


2.Posté par Harlem boy le 02/07/2011 04:06
Yerim Seck! Stop it. You better get human translators. I don't have the slightest idea of what you trying to express here in english. Google is not going to help if you expect to reach any english speaking nice, be it indian, british, american, jamaican or gambian! Stick to the goddamn french. Dig It?

3.Posté par Amy le 01/02/2012 15:26
I so agree with Abou, this translation is very bad. You will never get English speakers to understand you. I believe in Journalism every little dot even makes a big difference. There is a big difference between some words if they are translated right. Just a tough. Thanks. Amy

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