What have not been said yet over June 23rd?

Number of Senegalese stays with questions without answers further to the popular uprising of June 23rd against the project of constitutional revision establishing a ticket president - vice-president in the head of the Executive. The questioning fuse from everywhere. Where from comes the idea of this bill? For the benefit of whom was it concocted? Who is this famous opponent anticipated to the ticket about which a certain press spoke? Who urged the Head of State, Abdoulaye Wade, to put off? Dakaractu returns on certain events not yet told to disentangle(solve) the rooms(parts) of the puzzle. In the heart of the controversy, Abdoulaye Wade met to the palace with his Prime Minister Souleymane Ndéné Ndiaye, his Lord Chancellor Sheik Tidiane Sy, his home secretary Ousmane Ngom, his cabinet director Habib Sy and the General Secretary of the presidency Zakaria Diaw. While made a commitment a thorough discussion around the bill constitutional, Ousmane Ngom raised a point: " Mr. chair, I notice that the bill plans that it is necessary to be Senegalese to aspire to the posts(post offices) of president or vice-president of the Republic. Now, the current Constitution says that it is necessary to be exclusively of Senegalese nationality. If we want to avoid any suspicion, we have to put back(to hand) the word "exclusively". " After a period of hesitation, the Head of State marked his agreement, apparently without enthusiasm. Had the adverb "exclusively" been voluntarily omitted? Or deliberately removed? Everything carries to tilt in favour of the second hypothesis. For a very good reason, Karim Wade, of Senegalese father and French mother, is exclusively of Senegalese nationality? He is French in any case by virtue of the sanguini juice planned as a mode of acquisition of the nationality by the French law. Did not he acquire the English nationality when he worked in a bank in London, as some calculate it? The mysterious disappearance of the restrictive concept "exclusively" tends to accredit the thesis that, contrary to the denials of his father, Karim Wade was one of the beneficiaries anticipated by the ticket. The question of the evacuated nationality, Souleymane Ndéné Ndiaye approached another problem which makes it involved in controversy in the bill: " Mr. president, the other controversial aspect of the project touches this clause which wants that a candidate is elected as soon as he gathers in 25 % of the valid votes... " Wade's answer: " on this question, it is necessary to know what we want. If we wish to keep(guard) the power, it is necessary to maintain the bar at a level which we can reach. " Before adding, after a short interlude of hesitation: " I do not know I... Let us raise the bar in 30 %... But you should not run a risk of losing the election. " On June 22nd, when Souleymane Ndéné Ndiaye will meet the ambassadors of the United States, Great Britain and Canada, he will return to him with this report: " Mr. president, ambassadors say that we are a sovereign State, thus legally based to modify our Constitution. They worry however that this revision is made a few months away from the presidential elections and that the floor to be elected is decreased in 25 % of the valid votes. They consider that is needed at least 50 % to be elected. " Answer of the Head of State: " I am going to examine this track with Minister of Justice. " The next day, the street was fired, obliging Wade to remove its bill at the end of a day from destructions and from tears. The Head of State garaged in the cupboard a scenario which he considered roamed well: be reelected with 25 % or hardly more, trained (formed) a ticket to organize the transmission of the power as one pleases and according to its tempo. To the great displeasure of his political family, he thought of nobody among her but a figure of the opposition to train the ticket. A well informed source (spring), close to the Head of State, confided to us: " I do not know if Wade got (touched) a word Khalifa Sall or not, but it is of him that he thought to make ticket with his son. It is a secret for nobody that both are love's young dream. But especially Wade wanted to kill two birds with one stone: destabilize the socialist Party and reconstitute the axis of the power around both liberal and socialist families historically the most important of the country. " A single certainty: the machine jammed and the scenario broke down. At the time of the accounts, on June 25th, Oumar Sarr, Minister of the Town planning, politician of the party in the power to Dagana, usually so silent during the meetings, looked at Wade in eyes to hurl at him: " Mr. chair him), you called up the party officials to discuss politics with them. It is not any more the case today. Sometimes you lock yourselves only to make decisions which often turn around against us. This bill failed for lack of dialogue. The renewal of the authorities of Ujtl ended in grave tears. The renewal of the authorities of the women is going to engender so many damages. The party does not exist any more on the base. It is the persons in charge who bought cards and not activists. We very badly left for the presidential elections of 2012. And your age, let us not deceive us, raises us a real problem if you are a candidate. Atmosphere. And Awa Diop, known for her outspokeness, to push the nail: " chair, you" President, you noticed that nobody defended you in front of the opposition. No activist of our party was in the street June 23rd. You have to see again those to whom you grant your confidence. I was told that you handed 10 millions to Farba Senghor and 12 millions to Bara Gaye de l' Ujtl to mobilize. They mobilized nobody. " For those who suspected it the part is played. King is naked.
Vendredi 1 Juillet 2011

1.Posté par Linguere Seynabou le 03/07/2011 02:48
Oh my lord!!!! What is this? Was this article written by a person that is fluent in English? This is a complete garbage, it has not coherence in its sentences, one would think it was roughly translated from French to English using google. What a shame.

2.Posté par Fatima le 06/11/2011 07:57
Non mais c'est quel Anglais cela? Quelle honte... j en peux plus moi avec ces soit disant journaliste Senegalais. Mais yen amolen gathie.

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