The strategy of the 23rd June movement to compel Wade's candidacy

The strategy of the 23rd June movement to compel Wade's candidacy
The strategy of the 23rd June movement to compel Wade  of not being a candidate has learnt from a source close to the 23rd movement, that all the components of this organization (Bennoo, “Y en a marre”, Civil society associations….) are going to meet on the 9  July in Guédiéwaye. This first meeting in the suburb will be the object of a general mobilization in the context of general assembly. The double purpose is to sensitize people and to be open to the most crowded area of Dakar. Conscious on the necessity of popular gathering to correctly face Wade’s regime, who is calling back his troops, the 23RD movement plans to maximize their exits on the field. After Guediewaye, meetings will be held in other popular areas then in the country’s towns.
 By the same way to this approach, the movement intends to resort to diplomacy. Apart from to the sensitization of diplomats working in Dakar, it plans to alert international organizations such as UNO (United nation organization),European Union, African Union, the west African’s economic and monetary union known as UEMOA and the West African economic community as CDEAO on the seriousness of the country’s situation and the risks that the actual head of state candidacy could provoke.
The regime’s adversaries are convinced that the decisive fight will take place in Senegal. So they are managing to establish and maintain on the field the confrontations which favors them. For this to be, they aim to unwind global plans of actions including walks, debates, and proximate visits.
They plan to manifest to demand to wade to publically give up his project to run the 2012 elections with respect of the constitution which forbids him to do so. What should be elucidated is the reaction of the regime which is buying weapons, police presence on strategic sites, and to invigorate its militants to counter the opposition for no more 23rd JUNE.
Mercredi 6 Juillet 2011

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