The hidden agenda of the Tea party.

How OBAMA is being trapped in a dirty republican game.

The hidden agenda of the Tea party.
The republicans are facing the biggest and most dangerous challenge of their existence with the hidden agenda of the tea party formed by the so-called social conservatives.
While Gov. Rick Perry of Texas had hoped to turn the contest into a two-man duel with Mitt Romney, he starts by facing Representative Michele Bachmann, whose weekend victory in the Iowa straw poll reordered the top tier of candidates. On the second day of his announcement tour, Mr. Perry sent a subtle message: making his first Iowa appearance in her hometown, but not taking her on directly.
These two candidates and other republicans are slamming OBAMA left and right for his Medicare and social security plan emphasizing on a very stupid budget cut that only protect the rich American investors ,exploiting the middle class and poor Americans who pay huge taxes.
The fact and the matter is that their agenda is not laid open on the table because their main goal is to neutralize the first black American president in history that made Dr MARTIN LUTHER KING's dream a reality.
Today the grandson of a former slave is around the blackmailing table with the son of the former masters where he is not judged by the heaviness of the inheritance from a previous reckless republican president but by the color of his skin.
Barack's immigration electoral promise is doomed to be jeopardized because of a sabotage planned by this radical wing called tea party.
It is time for America to realize that minorities will lead the rest of its political future mainly the Spanish population.
Mr. Obama is also stepping up his campaign. He will begin a three-day bus tour of the Midwest on Monday with appearances in Minnesota and Iowa, swooping into a region that is vital to his re-election to make a case that he has stabilized the economy and has the right prescriptions for continued improvement.

However, as Republican optimism rises at the possibility of defeating Mr. Obama, a new air of urgency has gripped the nomination fight, with early strategies beginning to take shape.
Mohamed Souleymane Mboup
Lundi 15 Août 2011
Mohamed Souleymane Mboup NEVADA

1.Posté par ndella le 19/08/2011 04:30
very good analysis ,sharp ideas ,please have this english column busy ,we love your style.

2.Posté par Boy Dakar le 05/09/2011 19:45
Are you sure that Obama is a grandson of a former slave?

3.Posté par Sam the First le 08/09/2011 13:12
It is ok to question the motive of the republicans, but you have to agree that Obama has failed and his policies are not working: Look at the state of the economy. He is did not keep his promises and people will not follow him if he cannot articulate effectively a new vision for the country or readjust his policies. Before you blame the republicains please ask yourself if Obama is qualified to win a second term or if he is able to turn thing around. Right now, he is a " weak leader". All things consider, if the elections are held today, Obama will lose, unless
a- the economy trun around and more jobs are created
b- or if republicains make stupid mistakes or adopt policies that will push the independents away and back to the democrats side.
Meanwhile, time is running out for him - put your personal feelings aside - and accept the fact that it looks like he will be a one term President like Jimmy Carter

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