The architect Pierre Goudiaby builds the peace. Investigation of the unfolding of the events (By Cheik Yérim Seck)

The architect Pierre Goudiaby builds the peace. Investigation of the unfolding of the events (By Cheik Yérim Seck)
 DAKARACTU.COM- In July 5th, 2011, 2 pm. The Senegalese president, Abdoulaye Wade, receives to the palace the " Group of the six " composed by  the architect Pierre Goudiaby, the professor of law Ismaïla Madior Fall, the journalist Mbaye Sidy Mbaye, the businesswoman Anna Bâ Dia, as well as presidents of employers' organization Mansour Kama and Baïdy Agne. This wonderful group comes to put the first step of a political dialogue between the president and the opposition. Inconceivable scenario just a few days ago, because of the toughening of both parties after the popular demonstrations of June 23rd and 27th, it takes place by the magic of a man. This famous architect Pierre Goudiaby Atépa, is there, squeezed into a blue jacket, a white shirt and a red tie. Everything begins in the afternoon of Sunday, July 3rd. After an interview with Amath Dansokho, one of the tenors of the opposition, the businesswoman Anna Bâ Dia visits Pierre Goudiaby Atépa. And says: " I have just left Amath. I said to him that the country can not stay in this current blocking and that the political dialogue has to retie. He asked me to see you, informing  me that  you had taken three years ago an initiative of this nature which had not succeeded. ". " Goudiaby transports himself straightaway to Amath Dansokho with Anna Bâ Dia, makes sure that the opposition is ready to have a dialogue, calls up the Head of State who agrees to receive him on the spot. Arrived at the palace, the architect launches to the president, with a serious tone: " the first time when I approached you,it was in 1991. You were Minister of State in the government of Abdou Diouf. This one sent us both for a peace mission in Zaire. Once in Kinshasa, you spoke to the opponent Etienne Tshisékédi, I spoke to president Mobutu so that the peace returns in that country. We cannot have done  it for Zaire and refuse to do it for our country. Three years ago, you had promised me to agree to have a dialogue with the opposition. We live a hard context, accept the political dialogue. " After a long sigh, Wade answers: " a Lot of people as Famara Ibrahima Sagna, Lamine Diack and the others came to see me, I refused. The opposition wants the war and I do not intend to give up. But, for you, I accept. " " I am going to propose you personalities' list to lead the mediation, pursues Goudiaby. By correction, I propose it to you to obtain your approval. " Joining the gesture to the word, the architect leaves the palace, leads consultations, composes his list and returns towards Wade who approves six names and said: " I will receive you onTuesday at 12. "

The D-day, the Group of the six is received at 2 pm, continuation of the previous audience obliges, in the presence of only M Amadou Sall, the former spokesman of the Head of State and the ex-Lord Chancellor, called by Wade for the occasion. The audience takes place in a friendly atmosphere. Pierre Goudiaby introduces, presents the thanks, places the context and the objective of the meeting. Then gives the floor to the spokesman of the group the journalist Mbaye Sidy Mbaye. This latter holds a moving speech which gets the president, who "drinks" his comments. " Mr. chair, he says to him, you fought to strengthen the Senegalese democracy. As such, you deserve a big place in our history. Your current responsibility is to  continue  the work.So that  The Senegalese will be indebted to you. "Pricked by this speech, Wade releases: " I give you mandate to say to the opposition that I agree to have a dialogue with them, where they want, when they want and according to the format they choose. I put no condition, I want only that the dialogue takes place in a republican frame. I am the elected president and I pursue my mandate. I am ready for everything, even to form a government of national union with the opposition... " Then move on to his opponents ;he said: " it is people whom I know well. They helped me to come to power but i am the one who was elected. Not them. In good communists, they thought that we have to manage the power in colleagues. It is not the conviction of the liberal whom I am. I am elected and it is I the president. It is this difference of conception that created problems and separated us. "

After these insurances obtained to the palace, the Group of six returns to  Amath Dansokho and reports him. This one reacts: " Tanor arrives of journey this night and Niasse tomorrow. From Thursday, we shall meet with you. Things have to move fast so that the country becomes reconciled. " Everything begins thus well for an initiative rich in symbols.

 The acceptance of a mediation managed by Goudiaby is not without meaning. The architect has  manifestly bad relations with the First lady Viviane Wade and with both children of the presidential couple, Karim and Syndjély Wade. His presence is the sign that the president gets free from the influence of his family to handle things. The audience took place without the presence of all the direct co-workers of the Head of State. Only Mrs Amadou Sall was invited to it. It is the proof that Wade wants to manage alone this question, far from any influence of hawks or other demagogues. The composition of the Group of six itself speaks. Mansour Kama was a diligent and discreet mediator between ex-president Abdou Diouf and ex-opponent Abdoulaye Wade. Ismaïla Madior Fall, chosen to enlighten the legal questions, defends the thesis of the non-validity of Wade's candidacy in 2012. 
A step is put on the right direction. The ball is from now on in the camp of the opposition. A member of the Group of six confides his anxiety to " I am afraid that the opposition becomes more radical, requires Wade's renunciation of the candidacy and brakes the machine. The good sense wants that it puts itself at first around the table. It is by the dialogue, and not by the ultimatums, that we obtain things from the president. " Will he Be heard?  
Jeudi 7 Juillet 2011

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