The abortive visit of Wade to Alioune Tine

The abortive visit of Wade to Alioune Tine  While the state chief Abdoulaye Wade was discussing with the architect  Pierre Goudiaby on sunday, july 3rd  in the palace, this latter utters such a confidence: “your daughter Syndiely Wade visited Alioune Tine who has been hurt during the 23rd demonstration. You should congratulate her for her beautiful appeasing act. Wade  answers: “  I too wants  to visit Alioune Tine who remains in spite of everything  a friend”.
I will receive your group on Tuesday at 12. After the audience I will go to his house.   On the following day monday, Wade recalls Goudiaby and said: I wanted to visit Tine whom I thought was ill, but I realize that he gets better. Tine goes to Touba, said Wade to the press, to say to the religious family to ask me to leave. I am not going to pay him a visit, but I am ready to receive him. If he is capable of going to Touba, he will be able to come to the palace. Informed about the withdrawal of the president, Tine who was at the small coast has not made a commentary, he contents himself with prolonging his stay.
Jeudi 7 Juillet 2011

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qui a fait la trauction. on dirait un gambien

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oops. traduction

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I love the French version of the site but I cannot say the same for the English even though I would love to read the articles in English. The translation is really poor!!! Yerim if you want to have a professional site, you need to make sure you have good translators otherwise it is not worth it and you can stick to a solely French site.

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