Marcia Bernicat "Senegal, my beloved country"

Marcia Bernicat "Senegal, my beloved country"
DAKARACTU.COM- The ambassador of the United States, Marcia Bernicat, declared in a farewell speech that Senegal will stay in her heart. Mrs Bernicat is going to leave Senegal at the end of July.
 She often hit the headlines of the Senegalese press. Approachable, she distinguished herself by her media exits which often were not  a the taste of the tenant of the Avenue Roume palace.
 In a speech delivered during the celebration of the  Independence day, Mrs Bernicat delivers her feelings for Senegal.
 " I finished my ambassador mandate  of the United States in Senegal. Now, the moment to leave has come, but I assure you that, Senegal will always stay in my memories ", she said in a  touched voice. Before adding: " Senegal will remain my beloved country ".
Mercredi 6 Juillet 2011

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