Are there any mercenaries in Senegal ? “No” answers

Are there any mercenaries in Senegal ? “No” answers

Are there? Aren’t there? From accusations to denials, the polemic about the presence of foreign mercenaries in Senegal recruited by the regime to suppress the opposition and the civil society  is gaining ground . Macky Sall, the leader of the Alliance for the Republic, the main political party of the opposition, said on the 1st of July that four hundred mercenaries coming from Ivory Cost, Guinea and Nigeria crossed the country south boundary to come in the national territory. Convinced that “terror is the government’s only alternative to remain”, he reveals that Senegalese regime requests France to have weapons and materials of maintenance of law and order.

Those statements were sharply contested by Moustapha Guirassy , the communication minister and spokesman of the government who takes them as “irresponsible and very dangerous for a former government chief and political responsible” and by the interior minister Ousmane Ngom who derides the statements; he said :”I think that it is a  joke and a very bad joke. Everybody knows that Senegal do not need neither mercenaries nor foreigners to ensure its security. We have high qualified security forces.

Who is right? Who is wrong? has made an investigation permitting to confirm that that there are no foreign mercenaries in the Senegalese ground. Ghanaian and Nigerian people quoted by the first local newspapers which alarm readers,  were never known as being mercenaries. Those who are in the criminality are specialized in drugs traffic, human traffic and are pimp. The hypothesis that the mercenaries come from Ivory Coast is not plausible. This country was totally “cleaned “by republican forces of Allassane Wattara that lead him to the power; Mercenaries who were there get back to their center in Liberia and in Sierra Leone. Also, they are not coming from Guinea that they leave since the collapse of Moussa Daddis Camara.

Where does the idea that they are in our country come from? I t can emanated from the government which withdraw or has not enforced it yet as it can be a psychological strategy  built by the falcon of the presidential surround in order to frighten the opposition and the civil society. Or again a brainwash cleverly orchestrated to destabilize the popular uprising.

If the regime has no recruited mercenaries, he plans to organize, its young its “big arms”, its repressive forces against the opposition and civil society leaders and militants. He is trying to get weapons and materials of maintenance of law and order from Morocco, Saudi Arabia, France.   He is determined to use all means, and resort to army artillery for no more popular uprising. Abdoulaye wade is determined to impise strength to finish hi madatet

Dimanche 3 Juillet 2011

1.Posté par papi le 03/07/2011 06:12
Why don't you stick to your "french".This text is horrible.What is "materials of maintenance of law"? how about :'...Law enforcement equipement.."
You are a good journalist,but this can tarnish your reputation.I guess, you are trying to write for the english speaking communauties in senegal,but if one doesn't read the french version it's hard to understand your point.
I'm not being judgmental,and i have no doubt of your competencies as a journalist,but you definetly need more training in english composition.....

2.Posté par Pap le 04/07/2011 01:39 (depuis mobile)
Papi i don\'t egre with you. Ce type de texte, nous permet une vraie amélioration de notre niveau en anglais. C\'est une très bonne idée de mettre des textes en anglais de temps en temps. J\'aime bien ce journaliste! Good job

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