A commentary of Karim Wade's letter (By Cheikh Yerim Seck

A commentary of Karim Wade's letter (By Cheikh Yerim Seck
Dakaractu.com: Despites the risks of being considered as one of the « war machine » against Karim Wade as he qualifies “some journalists”, I am going to confront facts to the contents of his  letter.
First, I am deeply embarrassed by the global tone of the text introducing its author as a sweat lamn being victim of ferocious wolves of the political class and of the press. The position of victim of Karim Wade, son of the president, powerful   leader of “generation of concret”, trusty man of his father the president, number one of the (Anoci ) supervision council, state minister, minister  of international cooperation of airlift transports, infrastructures and energy, beneficiary of 270 billions of the annual budget  is totally scandalous.

Victims are manifold in Senegal. Some of them are: the jobless graduated young who do not even have an internship  because their fathers do not occupy a privilege position to appoint them, the hopeless situation of young who are obliged to involve  in small boats to run aground European coasts, artisans, metal carpenters, dress makers who stop their activities because of the electricity cut, farmers who are deprived of their payment after the selling of their seeds , poor  people who are dying due to missing care or money to buy drugs.

If I refrain from using” we” to appoint myself-the sign of the power’s vanity-, I stop from this point to say that :yet, nothing was given to me”, My collaborators and me with the national and international valuation  start from nothing to end up with what one’s see. Everything was given to Karim Wade: limitless power, a ministry with a dimension that has never been equaled in history , a budget of 370 billions as far as ANOCI is concerned, ones scrapes all the budgetary niches to orientates  its resources to the projects he is in charge of. The absolute records of correcting finance law in order to grant  supplement credits was beaten in aid of the Anoci.

In  Senegalese  history, there is no politician who has managed as much financial means as he does. Since he is in charge of Takkal project, all the state’s expenses were priory orientated towards his favor. All the funds, including the one of the mobile phone are appointed towards his “so called” plan which  everyday plunged Senegalese people in total darkness. So many privileges can not, not making us grinding ones teeth. In case he ignores it, KarimWade is the source of grave charges , deep   hatred, and unbelievable attacks coming first from his governments’ colleagues  who miss no  occasions to align  their grievance  against him” all the budgets are allocated to him. He takes to the other ministers all the strategic files which are their competences. He is not minding with his own business, he does and undoes.

Karim wade is indignant about the fact that he is too often accused:” If a public  market , a position, a favor, a privilege, a title or an office is lost I am automatically taken as responsible. I f a minister is dimissed, he pretends that his leaving is a direct consequence of his refusal of the so called “monarchical devolution project of the power”.  I would like to believe that he has nothing to do with nothing. But some coincidences do really trouble me. The Energy minister was dismissed as soon as he gets troubles with him. Idrissa Seck was drived away from his office of prime minister and conducted to Reubeuss (name of a jail) because of a rivalry’s crime with’ the biologic son. Macky Sall was ejected from the perch of the parliamentary house because thinking that he has the duty to convoke him in  front of the members of the parliament in order to question him about the management of the Anoci. As he reveals, Bara Tall has started his hell descents when he refused to agree upon a market distribution agreement between Btp Companies proposed by the Anoci. I do not know a journalist who has not been condemned by  Senegalese justice  after writing an article that annoys “ the son of the president”

After this large hunt list, I am surprised of Karim Wade who is not surprised of having not only friends. Product of two different cultures, born in Paris of a French mother, he studied in a French university and worked in a London bank, so I can not understand that he is at ease when he monopolizes all the power of such a crude nepotism. Is it because we are in Africa, under the reign of black kings, that he thinks it is normal to be simultaneously appointed to offices where money flows.
I can not understand also that a heavily encombrant man in the state sphere since 2000 can think he is liked by everyone in an opened society as Senegal. In case he ignores it he is seen by the majority of our compatriots as a” son of…” crudely pulled strings, distant from Senegalese people and their preoccupations, being fed with a full of republic privileges, moving in  a private jet. The polemic raised about the management of Anoci and the renegotiation of Tigo license have not arranged things.

If I find obvious the origin of the attacks that he deplores in his opened letter, I a m delighted when Karim Wade Writes:” As the head state, I fight all ideas about monarchical devolution of the power. So Abdoulaye Wade’ statements  describing his son as the best of all and in everything were just productions to  capitalize him some business like in the Clothilde Reiss affair, the orchestrate racket of the generation of the concret and his costly offensive to conquer Dakar suburbs and the interior towns of the country, his dealings with Claude Guéant to obtain the Elizé’s favors, the abortive  tentative to give him the town council for just gaining experience, the recent operation of “ handshake” with the American president Barack Obama in Deauville, the project of the constitutional review killed by the 23rd of popular mobilization.

I am in admiration with Karim Wade’s relevance in this level of his text when he utters: “ From now on there is a pre and a post 23rd. This message can not be ignored by either  the power or the opposition. Our political training, sdp(pds), can  do nothing else but consolidating the achievements of Leopold Sedar Senghor, Abdou DIouf, and Abdoulaye Wade. Those statements give me hope, what I understand from that is Abdoulaye has understood people’s  message who feel that he has done all what he could do and it is time for him to hand over in conditions that consolidate the country.

Moreover, I would like to reassure Karim Wade that “hatred”  and “detestation”are  not part of Senegalese culture. He arouses a proportional interest with its influence on public issues. Political actors and journalists have nothing against him. If I talk of my case that I know better, I recognize him because mixed with him some human qualities, a technicality with the files he is managing. I stop on this positive tone the commentary of the opened letter before I see myself “broken “ and “destroyed” in this period where I start a new life in my country.
Mardi 5 Juillet 2011

1.Posté par pape le 05/07/2011 17:00
I agree with your comment, what Karim Wade fails to understand is that he has chosen to became a public figure therefore he must accept criticism he should know that all his actions will be scrutinised and analysed.
For someone like Karim who has worked in Europe he is very placed to know that the positions and the privilege that his father has given him is insane and he should never have accepted these privileges. Now he is paying the price for his stupidity.

2.Posté par Ndiaga Diouf le 06/09/2011 14:46
I totally agree about your arguments. Karim wade is a public figure so all eyes must be on him. Let him let us where he was before his father came at office. We don''t hate you but you hold something that belongs to us. So our natural duty is to check it. Just put the blame on your father and on yourself.

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